Misc info:

Launch and rename and resize Aion windows with HotKeyNet:

// LaunchAndRename: params:  pc id x y w h
// will start aion, rename to A<id> and move the window to x,y and resize it to w x h
// (assumes Aion is installed in D:\Aion - edit according to your actual path)
<Command LaunchAndRename>
  <SendPc %1%>
     <Run "D:\Aion\bin32\aion.bin" "-ip: -port:2106 -cc:1 -lang:en -noauthgg -noweb">
        <WaitForWin "AION Client" 30000>
        <RenameWin "AION Client" A%2%>
        <SetWinPos %3% %4%>
        <SetFramelessWinSizeWithSimulatedMouse %5% %6% 60>

// Edit coordinates to match your layout 
<Hotkey ScrollLockOn Alt Ctrl L>
     <LaunchAndRename local 1 0 0 1680 945>
     <LaunchAndRename local 2 0 1050 1680 945>

The ip and language settings above are for the US version of the game (at the time of this writing) - somehow this randomly fails with "The game is not available in your region"...

Rest of my Hotkeynet script is here

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