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posted May 14, 2011, 7:31 PM by Private Registration   [ updated May 14, 2011, 7:34 PM ]

Previous news is hopefully the past now - and it seems is now finally the one place where every multiboxing solution can be discussed and that moderation will be limited to getting rid of obvious spam or gold selling, etc... let's give it a shot !

ps: now I haven't been active in a while... busy IRL... but I still keep an eye on the boxing community

You know what sucks ? fake "communities"...

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What I posted then (May 2010) is hopefully the past now...

You know what sucks ? Hypocrites like the moderation staff at who decided to ban me for absolutely no valid reason... just because I asked that they invite me back or put a disclaimer on one of the many "Please all come to Kil'Jaeden" 'open' invite that that mboxing guild there is just another buddies clan and not "open" to all reasonable people and if you happen to piss off the uber flamer GM (not in game mind you) you'll get kicked with no warnings, rhyme or reason even if everybody else doesn't mind and you spent a lot of money and energy rerolling teams there...

So in short the multiboxing community is stuck between 2 crappy sites - was good but has horridly biased moderation, deletes posts and useful thread when one of the friend of moderator asks or has some blues - and sucks because it's a advertising site for pwnboxer... lovely situation...


ps1: In case anyone cares, the "reason" that I was kicked is that one pathological liar and flamer (Fursphere - not even the author) claims that my discussion of some bug in mojo is what caused its development to be stopped... I have yet to hear from said author that indeed that's true or not - but even if it's true it doesn't have any bearing on the guild or the forums... but once you start being arbitrary and unfair and biased, I guess there is no turning point...

ps2: I tried to appeal to the site owner for weeks before publishing this... but he basically gave control of the site to chief buddy (Svper who would do anything, whatever the consequences for his dear friend Fursphere) and he wouldn't hear of anything and I guess gave up pretending to have valid reason for actions on the site...

5 priests: tank-less instance runs and lots of fun !

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I think it's somewhat of a first: I've been running the first 4 BC instances, at level, without a tank, with 5 priests (and without uber gear or anything) and I've had a lot of fun :

AV is very fun too

Back to WoW

posted Nov 29, 2009, 3:40 AM by Private Registration

Having fun with the $5 wow classic promo - started 4 more raf'ed acount and boosting a new all pally team.

Multiboxing forums...

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I wish there was a place where one could discuss multiboxing openly - there are 2 sites out there; one is the original community (a.k.a d-b) but where moderation has become ridiculous and where some of the solutions can't even be discussed - if only to put in the open what a rip off said competition is - while that competition only allows their own stuff to be promoted - in the end - who looses ? the community itself... as there is no place to actually discuss openly... Any one wants to start a better multiboxing site with the following charter

  • Only gold sellers and other spam/scammers or hate speech or activities against the games TOS (like botting) are not allowed
  • Everything else is fine - in particular you can compare freely all the multiboxing solutions (Keyclone, Hotkeynet, ISBoxer, Pwnboxer, etc...) including their ties to some individuals and the history etc...
  • Post with valuable information don't get deleted - threads don't get locked because they are unpleasant to a moderator
Any taker ? (well I still hope d-b could revert back to be that community site... but my hopes aren't too high at this point)

Send me your thoughts at

6 weeks of Aion

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Sept 20th to Oct 31st 2009 (Happy Halloween!)

First 3 weeks are in this post and here are the level graph for Moorea for the following most recent 3 weeks (Oct 11 - Oct 31st) are:

(somehow the first 2 days are missing - I was 24 on the 10th and dinged 25 either the 11 or 12)

As you can see it was a lot slower - in part because I didn't play as much as first 3 weeks.

Hotkeynet now entirely free and unlimited

posted Oct 30, 2009, 1:01 AM by Private Registration

Freddie, the author of HotKeyNet had some great news I copied from his site: :

This is HotkeyNet's two hundredth public build.

I'd like to thank the people who made suggestions and submitted bug reports over the last two years. Without you, this program would not exist.

Starting with this build, HotkeyNet no longer calls home for authorization.

Starting with this build, HotkeyNet no longer expires.

Starting with this build, HotkeyNet no longer requires an Internet connection.

There is a new option on the Settings Panel where you can ask HotkeyNet to check whether a newer version is available.

If you ask HotkeyNet to check for a newer version, the rest of the program now starts immediately before the check completes so you don't have to wait for the web server's response.

To the people who helped, thanks again

and he explained why on d-b:

Originally I put those things in the program in case one day I began selling it. The idea was to prevent free old versions of the program from getting passed around and competing with future for-sale versions.

But HotkeyNet has been free for two years and its user numbers haven't grown high enough for me to want to bother charging for it. If it hasn't happened by now, I don't think it's ever going to happen.

The authorization scheme has always been a nuisance. It prevented people who lack an Internet connection from using it. It often prevented people from using the program in corporations. (HotkeyNet gets used in companies. It's not just a multiboxing program.) It scared some people off because they worried that the program contained malware.

If the call-home code isn't ever going to be of benefit to me, and if it annoys users, what's the point? There isn't any. So I removed it today.

Also, today's build was number 200. That's a nice round number, and I wanted to do something special to celebrate. Over the last two years there have been some special people (including you) who contributed tremendously to the program by testing and reporting bugs and making suggestions. The best way to celebrate is to do something tangible to show my appreciation for you folks, and this is what I thought of.

This is awesome news !!! Thanks so much Freddie ! That definitively places HKN as #1 multiboxing solution in my book !

28 x 2

posted Oct 30, 2009, 12:26 AM by Private Registration

Moorea and Aria dinged 28 in a pretty flawless TG run (and one of the last ones as at 29 you can't enter anymore)

Levelling the alts a bit...

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Started to level a bit the 2nd team (Sin+Cleric) - now level 14

Aria and Moorea are 27 - doing some TG runs from time to time (about 1/2 level each run) - got the blue shield on Moorea !

Haven't played much lately though... busy IRL...

Moonfire on Vaizel leadership = usual crap :-(

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If you recall, one month ago, I was really excited to have found what looked like a refreshing new guild; with no profanities and no kiddies for instance...

Oh boy how wrong was I... a month later... this guild is actually the typical "core group" (aka buddies) of officers who do not tolerate any discussion or suggestions... and decide to kick people out without warning for "attitude" when I tried to explain that rolling on a "not tradeable" (bop from TG last boss) Orb as a Cleric or Shield as a Glad (officer) who never tanks when a Tank has done the whole run and organization is maybe something to avoid in the future... Asking people to not do stupid things is apparently "hardcore"... and a no no... but kicking people out on first unwritten rule offense is "ok nice and family"...

Pretty sad I wasted my first month of Aion play with those guys... most players there are actually nice people and do listen and could do well... and I'll miss those.

Thank you very much to Lancer/Lancerlot whose tantrum got me kicked when I tried to explain to him that conflicts are better resolved on Vent than in chat - Thanks a lot to Mycal, other officer who doesn't even own 1H sword and rolled on the BOP tank shield which cause me to be somewhat upset in the first place (after the 2nd time it happened in a guild run and despite numerous warnings; you can see the video online). But last but not least thanks a lot to Sinder/Lily for having kicked me out with no explanation (I had to beg later to hear some bs about attitude, first time she'd ever complained - and now lying on the forums to protect her little clique and sully me) after I stayed for hours waiting for some feedback on vent  (and spent time emailing unaltered screenshots) - After some prodding they did mention that being of French origin is an issue and I'm guessing probably also being from California or multiboxing is too open minded for those guys "I didn't like you since day one but nobody else was complaining" - she was basically trying to find some excuse to kick me out and finally found one... dunno why... probably some insecurities about her leadership... or just intolerance over differences...

ps: Also the things I organized with the guild (Crab Noris, Krall runs, the Leech and 2 TG runs) seems to constitute a large part of what the guild ever did as a group... ie not much with no sign, on the contrary, that more is planned any time soon - it's a "late night" guild where you're lucky if you catch 1 or 2 officers in the evening and where again nothing much happens and the people who do try top make things happen get kicked out...

Anyway, this probably makes me sound like a sour person and I guess yes I'm sour to have had high expectations, a lot of investment and see it turn to crap... and being lied to; backstabbed and wrongly accused and kicked without any due process you'd expect from a legion which claims to have high aims, pretends to have "honor" but is just a disguise and is lead ineptly.

Here are some video which hopefully explains why I was a bit not happy - but yeah, I'm an a**hole for not letting it slide: and - I offered to apologize for maybe overreacting as well as shake hands with the (unrelated buddy officer) guy who rage quit and did a tantrum (if anyone ever cares I have the screenshot I sent to the guild leader on her request) - take a "warning" and pay attention to not comment and be "nice"r if I'm not nice enough... but no... just got kicked/backstabbed directly... despite full disclosure hearsay won... I suppose I should be glad.

You got crit'ed by moorea's wall of text for 200000 dmg :-)

In short - I'm pissed but I'll move on now that I put my thoughts down... My advice is to avoid hypocrite guilds who fill in the ranks but only care about their buddies... many guilds are like that but many don't pretend otherwise... and you just know you can't say anything critical of officers... I didn't know that one was like that...

You read that far and survived ? wow you deserve a cookie !

pps: to correct a few statement you may read elsewhere: I never said that anyone was stupid; specially not the cleric who I have no problem with as we just talked it over on vent and that was it - I did say that people do stupid things - doing stupid things (ie mistakes) is what everybody does from time to time (and my complaining was maybe one such thing) which is not the same as being stupid. being stupid is not helping people fix their mistakes or doing the same mistake over and over again...

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