Software Used

  • Windows 7
  • MultiBoxing software:
  • Other notable wow addons (most/all available on
    • WIM (chat addon)
    • Recount (dps meter)
    • VanasKOS (Kill on Sight/PVP/... alerts, stats, etc...)
    • SmartBuff: rebuff the whole party with 1 key mash
    • Multishot: screenshot souvenir on ding, boss kill, achievements, ...
    • RatingBuster: gear comparaison - is this drop an upgrade, to what stats...
    • Titan Panel (top of the screen): xp/gold total, per hour, time to level, etc...
    • For Spirit Beast (Loque'nahak): _NPCScan, Rare Spawn Overlay
All those are free ! (well, not long for windows 7...)